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февр. 23, 2011

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Поредното яко скейт състезание от Русе – COLLISION COURSE ’09

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  1. Lynn каза:

    because we are Pentecostal, we must be so much better than those of you who are not.” I think this same quote could be used to describe every single religion out there. Just remove Pentecostal and insert chosen religion. Mine is Seventh Day Adventist. There are those in every religion who carry those mainstream principals and forget God’s principals. It shouldn’t be this way, but we are human and we are flawed. Myself included. We (Christians as a whole) just need to do better. Forgiveness, tolerance, and loa;e#8230&.pvss it around.

  2. niklik каза:

    много яко е било ..

на кирилица !