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Skate Park Dobrich GRAND Opening

окт. 03, 2014

Категории: 3XS, Blok, Bones, DC, Independent, Insomnia, Nomad, Playwood skateboards, Stinky Socks, Supra, Добрич, скейт паркове
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Официалното откриване на скейт парка в Добрич!

2 коментара за “Skate Park Dobrich GRAND Opening”

  1. Mavrick каза:

    NY part time Politicians vote to raise their salaries to 100K a year,,, after the next election of coesru.Jesrey will have to top that shortly there after.Taxes “To infinity and beyond”

  2. BabyNinja каза:

    Много е зарибен парка <3 😀 !

на кирилица !